A Triumph to Exist

La Cappella/Nordic choral music for the female voice

The women’s choir La Capella, was founded in 1986 by Robert Sund, the former conductor of Orphei Drängar. La Capella is based in Uppsala, and consists of 28 women with plenty of musical talent. The choir has since 1993 been lead by Karin Eklund.

La Capella is a multi-faceted choir which boasts many different genres in its repertoire; it has worked with everything from complex women’s choral music to jazz, traditional classical music and Swedish folksongs.

The conductor, Karin Eklundh, has received her education in choral conducting and vocal pedagogy at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and she has developed La Capella’s repertoire to include folk music from other ethnic cultures as well as the Swedish contemporary music. Karin has been a choral conductor at the Uppsala Music School since 1996 and as a freelance, teaches courses in singing and conducting.

The choir has diverse concert activities that consist of both sacred and profane works. La Capella has done several recordings for the radio and TV and participated in choral singing competitions, both nationally and internationally, which has resulted in several prizes. The juries have praised La Capella for being “a skillful and interesting choir on a exceptionally high technical and musical level” which “combines beautiful choral singing, elegant presence quality and renewal in a stimulating way for the choral singing.” On this CD, La Capella sings Nordic choral music; we hear songs by many of our foremost Nordic composers and lyricists on 16 tracks, of which 3 are by Karin Rehnqvist.

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    • 1.
      Ninas brudmarsch Music: Eva och Anders Nyberg Text: Eva och Anders Nyberg
    • 2.
      Natt över jorden Music: Karin Rehnqvist Text: Karin Rehnqvist
    • 3.
      Var inte rädd för mörkret Music: Karin Rehnqvist Text: Karin Rehnqvist
    • 4.
      Pseudo-Yoike Lite Music: Jaakko Mäntyjarvi Text: Jaakko Mäntyjarvi
    • 5.
      Marys song Music: Knut Nystedt Text: Knut Nystedt
    • 6.
      Lyse naetter Music: Jörgen Jersild Text: Jörgen Jersild
    • 7.
      Vinteräng Music: Lars-Erik Larsson Text: Lars-Erik Larsson
    • 8.
      Shall I compare to you Music: Nils Lindberg Text: Nils Lindberg
    • 9.
      Til þin drottning Music: Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson Text: Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson
    • 10.
      Med en Primula veris Music: Edvard Grieg Text: Edvard Grieg
    • 11.
      Maístjarnan Music: Jón Ásgeirsson Text: Jón Ásgeirsson
    • 12.
      Vinger Music: Niles La Cour Text: Niles La Cour
    • 13.
      Iltatunnelma Music: Toivo Kuula Text: Toivo Kuula
    • 14.
      Ô väln't ä barô vär Text: Anders Nyberg
    • 15.
      Bred dina vida vingar Music: Björn Ståbi Text: Lina Sandell-Berg
    • 16.
      Triumf att finnas till Music: Karin Rehnqvist Text: Karin Rehnqvist
  • Total playtime 52'20

Compact Disc // CAP 21641 // Classical // Releasedate: 1 January, 2000