Den medeltida balladen

The Medieval Ballad

Various Artists

The Nordic medieval ballad heritage transmitted through the medium of unique recordings.This double CD features...

Varjehanda folkmusik

Traditional Folk Music

A Survey of Swedish Folk Music

This is a survey of the variety of traditional Swedish folk music. Some of the recordings were made “in the...

Äventyr i jazz och folkmusik

Adventures in Jazz and Folklore

Bengt Hallberg, Jan Johansson, Georg Riedel & Bengt-Arne Wallin

Some of the most prominent jazz musicians in Sweden were summoned to make arrangements of Swedish folk music for...

Låtar från Orsa och Älvdalen

Folk Tunes from Orsa & Älvdalen

Various Artists

Orsa and Älvdalen in Dalarna, Sweden, have musical dialects all of their own. These are archaic and rugged...

Vaggvisor & Ramsor

Rhymes & Lullabies

Various Artists

On this CD are assembled over 100 popular songs and nursery rhymes for generations sung to children in Sweden to...

Munspel & Handklaver

Harmonica & Accordion

Various Artists

Since the turn of the last century, the accordion has been one of our most popular instruments, both on dance...

Lockrop & Vallåtar

Ancient Swedish Pastoral Music

Various Artists

Ancient Swedish Pastoral Music presents recordings of herding calls, the lur, duct flutes, cow horn and willow...

Lena, Ulrika & Svea

Lena, Ulrika & Svea

Three female folk singers

Three traditional folk singers, unique of their kind, recorded altogether more than 1.400 songs for the Swedish...

Spelmän från fem landskap

Fiddlers from Five Provinces

Various Artists

Some of the best-known fiddlers of the 1950s from five Swedish provinces are presented on this CD. Both playing...

Sjungande Tornedalen

Songs of Tornedalen

Various Artists

In Tornedalen region, a copious folk-singing tradition was still very much alive in the 1970s. The cultural...

Prillarhorn & Knaverharpa

Nordic Folk Instruments

Various Artists

Prillarhorn och Knaverharpa are two local terms for horn and Swedish keyed fiddle, both represented on this CD...

Vall- trall- & Lapp-Nils låtar

Folk Tunes from Jämtland

Various Artists

Eight of the most outstanding representatives of the Jämtland players’ tradition are presented on this CD: two...

Sjömansvisor & Rallarvisor

Songs of Sailors & Navvies

Various Artists

Their songs were about girls and lively teamwork, but also about insufferable working conditions, accidents, long...

Låtar från Rättvik, Boda & Bingsjö

Folk Tunes from Rättvik, Boda & Bingsjö

Various Artists

This CD was eagerly expected by all friends of Swedish folk music. The tunes from Rättvik, Boda and Bingsjö...

Låtar från Dala-Floda, Enviken & Ore

Folk Tunes from Dala-Floda, Enviken & Ore

Various Artists

The LP Tunes from Enviken & Ore had an enormous impact on the Swedish folk music community when it was...

Blod, Lik & Tårar

Blood, Corpses & Tears

Various Artists

Chapbook songs and ballads produced the mass media information of t earlier times. In Sweden these texts were...