The first CD by the group Draupner released on the Caprice label entitled”Draupner” was a recording that...

Sofia Jannok: Áššogáttis/By the Embers

Áššogáttis/By the Embers

Sofia Jannok

Passion and contrast are two defining keywords for Sofia Jannok’s music: the warmth and presence in her clear,...

Efkar: Back to Anatolia

Efkar Ensemble

Back to Anatolia

Thoughts of and yearning for the homeland – through music – that is what binds the musicians in Efkar...

Blod, Lik & Tårar

Blood, Corpses & Tears

Various Artists

Chapbook songs and ballads produced the mass media information of t earlier times. In Sweden these texts were...

Boot - Soot



When three of Sweden’s leading folk musicians join together with traditional instruments and rhythms, and...

Den medeltida balladen

The Medieval Ballad

Various Artists

The Nordic medieval ballad heritage transmitted through the medium of unique recordings.This double CD features...




The young folk music group Draupner from Hälsingland in northern Sweden was formed at the end of 1994. The...

kalabra 2, 1999



A kind of musical “wok” of Nordic folk music in pop clothing, spiced with funk, rock and jazz - that's how...

Folkmusik i förvandling

Folk Music in Transition

Various Artists

This CD exemplifies in several ways how the folk music has been transformed and cast into new forms, from...

From Sweden to America

From Sweden to America

Various Artists

In 1996, the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the great exodus of emigrants from Sweden to America, an LP of...



Rostam Mirlashari

Golbang is one of Sweden’s many exiting and interesting World Music groups. Oriental music is their specialty....

Himmelens Hatt

Zara Tellander

Himmelens Hatt/Heaven´s Hat

Folk music or jazz? Zara Tellander is often asked that question, and she now poses the counterquestion, What do...

Jojk - en presentation av samisk folkmusik

Yoik – A Presentation of Saami Folk Music

Various Artists

In 1953 the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation made two recording journeys to the country of the Saami. Here is the...

Frifot: Järven

Järven, The Wolverine


One of Sweden’s most popular folk music groups, Frifot with Lena Willemark, Ale Möller and Per Gudmundson,...



The name Kalabra is a combination of the words Abrakadabra and Kalasbra (super!). It is the name of a group of...

Koraler och Bröllopsmusik från Runö

Chorales & Wedding Music from Runö

Various Artists

For 600 years a Swedish settlement existed on the island of Runö, off the coast of Estonia. There the old folk...