A kind of musical “wok” of Nordic folk music in pop clothing, spiced with funk, rock and jazz – that’s how the quintet Kalabra describe their music.

This is their second cd Folka (the first one was released by Caprice in 1997). This CD is produced by Mats Wester, best known as the man behind the Nordman records.

Kalabra consists of Ulrika Bodén (vocals), Erik Metall (bass), Sebastian Printz-Werner (drums and percussion), Simon Stålspets (nordic bouzouki, electric guitar, harmonica, willow flute) and Markus Svensson (nyckelharpa).

The history of the group started when they performed at Norrsken (Northern Light), which is Falun Folkmusik Festival’s “Winter collection” of folk music bands. Eventually this resulted in the CD Kalabra in 1997, which received much attention in folk music circles. Since then the group have toured extensively, playing at all Swedish venues worth mentioning, e.g. Falun Folkmusik Festival, Stockholm Water Festival, Berwaldhallen, etc. They have also made several tours organized by the regional music boards.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Dagg Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: Incantation from Uppland/Icelandic washing prayer
    • 2.
      Sollåten Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: A prayer from Värmland
    • 3.
      Ymnig Mossa Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: An old love rhyme/singing game/love song
    • 4.
      Det Brinner En Eld Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: Swedish singing game
    • 5.
      Stolpe In Music: Simon Stålspets
    • 6.
      Rotor Music: Sebastian Printz-Werner
    • 7.
      Galen Man Music: Simon Stålspets Text: Simon Stålspets
    • 8.
      Före Gryningen Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: Icelandic and old Swedish proverbs/Bodén
    • 9.
      Harpans Kraft Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: Medieval ballad
    • 10.
      Sus Och Dus Music: Simon Stålspets
    • 11.
      Jespers Äventyr Music: Amanda Sedgwick Ulrika Bodén Text: Harvest song from the Balkans
    • 12.
      Sälbarnen Sover Music: Ulrika Bodén Text: Lullaby from Iceland
  • Total playtime

Compact Disc // CAP 21613 // Folkmusik // Releasedate: 28 May, 2022