Rostam Mirlashari

Golbang is one of Sweden’s many exiting and interesting World Music groups. Oriental music is their specialty. The group was formed in 1994, and has participated in numerous festivals (including the ReOrient Festival, the Falun Folk Music Festival, Folk o Folk and the Rinkeby Festival). The group is devoted primarily to Iranian folk music, but also plays Baluchi dance music and World Music with Gambian rhythms.

Many different ethnic groups live in Iran: Persians, Kurds, Turks, Baluchis and others. This is what Goldbang is inspired by, and this is indeed World Music – created in Sweden.

The members of Golband have varying cultural backgrounds. They come from Gambia, Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey and Sweden: Rostam Mirlashari, vocals (Iran), Abdul Rahman Surizahi, banjo (Iran), Ahmad Mirzadeh, synthesizer (Iran), Ebrima Kamara, percussion (Gambia), Edip Aikcin, darbuka, dohol, zil (Turkey), Bejar Dilan, bass (Kurdistan), Hassan Adinnezadeh, drums (Iran), Ramtin Saramolki, guitar and synthesizer (Iran). Also participating on this CD as a chorus are Rosita Lunder, Maria Nygren and Batool Karimzadeh.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Vashmalle Music: Satar Baluch/Shaffi Baluch Text: Satar Baluch/Shafi Baluch
    • 2.
      Ghosse (Grief) Music: Ali Alavi Text: M Ghavidel
    • 3.
      Saghi Music: Trad. arr. Ahmad Mirzadeh
    • 4.
      Leili jan Music: Trad. arr. Golbang
    • 5.
      Kallbashir Music: Trad. arr. Jasem Abkar
    • 6.
      Nazina Baluchana Music: Satar Baluch/Shafi Baluch Text: Satar Baluch/Shafi Baluch
    • 7.
      Toye band bande moghon Music: Trad.arr. Jasem Abkar/Ahmad Mirzadeh Text: Zahra Daman Khosh
    • 8.
      Gol be dahan Music: Ahmed Mirzadeh/Amir Berghashi Text: Amir Berghashí
    • 9.
      Chesme syah Music: Trad arr. Ahmad Mirzadeh Text: Trad.
    • 10.
      Ey momm Jamaya Music: Trad. arr. Golbang
  • Total playtime 42'50

Compact Disc // CAP 21640 // Folk music // Releasedate: 1 January, 2000