Sailors Fighting in the Dance Hall

Nils Berg

The 2007’s Jazz in Sweden artist, Nils Berg – composer, saxophone and clarinet player. The award Jazz in Sweden was anually given to an upcoming jazz musician or group. The winner was given the opportunity to release an album on the Caprice label and do a tour for Concerts Sweden.

Nils Berg, who has been playing in a number of bands and constellations over the last years, founded the jazz quartet the Stoner during his time at the music academy. Together they developed – fuelled by the free imagination – a kind of music they chose to call “pharmaceutical audio”.

As a composer Nils Berg won’t dodge projects that cross over conventional borders. Last autumn he and the Stoner collaborated with electronica artists Forss and Borg. Recently he has also appeared together with dancers on several occasions. In 2006 he wrote the music for, as well as performed in, the dance shows “Måndag” (Monday) and “Martha vet – allt om lycka” (Martha knows – everything about happiness).

Young, intuitive, and challenging jazz headed for the future!

Nils Berg, saxophone, clarinet, flute etc; Leo Svensson, cello; Sebastian Voegler, drums; Mathias Ståhl, vibraphone and Josef Kallerdahl, bass.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Sailors Fighting in the Dance Hall Music: Nils Berg
    • 2.
      Rörstrand Music: Nils Berg
    • 2.
      Domino Gold Music: Nils Berg
    • 4.
      L.A. Fever Music: Nils Berg
    • 5.
      Submerged at the Bottom of the Ocean Music: Nils Berg
    • 6.
      Ont och klart Music: Nils Berg
    • 7.
      Sunny Side Music: Nils Berg
    • 8.
      The Rescue Music: Nils Berg
    • 9.
      Gaucho Skiing Music: Nils Berg
    • 10.
      Stor björm, liten björn Music: Nils Berg
    • 11.
      Astor on Ice Music: Nils Berg
  • Total playtime 49'22

Compact Disc // CAP 21768 // Jazz in Sweden // Jazz // Releasedate: 18 April, 2007