Lindha Svantesson

Far from Alone

Jazz in Sweden award 2001, Lindha Svantesson (nowadays Lindha Kallerdahl) has broad-ranging musical experience: personal versions of jazz standards, her own compositions – for which she has both written the lyrics and composed the music – as well as free vocal improvisations. She is not only a competent artist but she has also developed a unique musical personality with a charismatic presence on stage.

Lindha was born in 1972 and grew up in Mölnlycke, near Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. She received her education at Skurup Folk High School and Birka Folk High School, and other institutes.

She has made several recordings and is a member of various groups, her own and those of others. She has played together with musicians such as  Mattias WindemoMats Gustavsson, Nina de Heney and Mariam Wallentine. She has also appeared with internationally acclaimed artists such as Sonic Youth and the American bassist William Parker. He was greatly impressed by Lindha and gave her more scope than any of the other participants.

For this CD Lindha chose the musicians herself. The group includes Lindha Svantesson singer and vocal improvisation, Joakim Milder saxophone, Fredrik Nordström saxophone, Fredrik Ljungkvist saxophone and clarinet, John Lindblom guitar, Hans Andersson bass, Petter Winberg bass and Fredrik Rundqvist drums.

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    • 1.
      Speak of love Music: Lindha Kallerdahl Text: Lindha Kallerdahl
    • 2.
      Can I have him over her Music: Lindha Svantesson Kallerdahl Text: Lindha Svantesson Kallerdahl
    • 3.
      Far from alone Music: Lindha Kallerdahl Text: Lindha Kallerdahl
    • 4.
      Delicious Music: Lindha Kallerdahl Text: Lindha Kallerdahl
    • 5.
      It will rain Music: Lindha Kallerdahl Text: Lindha Kallerdahl
    • 6.
      Again and again Music: Lindha Kallerdahl Text: Lindha Kallerdahl
    • 7.
      And everywhere it will be you Music: Fredrik Nordström Text: Lindha Kallerdahl
    • 8.
      The meaning of the blues Music: Bobby Troup Text: Bobby Troup
  • Total playtime 38'06
Compact Disc // CAP 21617 // Jazz in Sweden // Jazz // Releasedate: 1 October, 2001