Opposite Corner

The 1976 Jazz in Sweden award was given to jazz quintet Opposite Corner from Gothenburg. The group was one of the most notable in Sweden in the 70’s, and consisted of Gunnar Fors on trumpet, Åke Johansson on piano, Gunnar Lindgren on tenor saxophone, Mats Hellberg on drums, and Lars-Urban Helje on double bass.

The broad interest in music became evident in the group’s repertoire, as the musicians of Opposite Corner were inspired not just by American jazz, but folk and art music from many different countries and cultures. On this record you can hear melodies from France, Ghana, Romania, and Egypt, all treated with Opposite Corner’s unique interpretation, for instance through Erik Satie’s and Béla Bartók’s music. When Opposite Corner participated on a release in the Swedish Radio’s “Club Jazz” series, there were both Arabic and Tibetan melodies on the program.

The name Opposite Corner implies that this quintet didn’t tread the common paths in jazz. This album presents a live recording from the jazz club Artdur in Gothenburg, which was run by its members Gunnar Lindgren and Lars-Urban Helje.

Gunnar Fors – trumpet
Gunnar Lindgren – tenor saxophone
Åke Johansson – piano
Lars-Urban Helje – double bass
Mats Hellberg – drums

Recorded at Artdur, Gothenburg, 7 May 1976
Technician: Bo Starander
Producer: Jan Bruér
Photographer: Matti Pihlström
Graphics: Stanley Dickens

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Hommage à Satie: I. Music: Erik Satie

    • 2.
      Hommage à Satie: II. Music: Erik Satie

    • 3.
      Hommage à Satie: III. Music: Erik Satie

    • 4.
      Uvertyr till Anta Oumri Music: Amrahafi Kamal

    • 5.
      Horn dance (Buciumeana) from Romanian Folk Dances Music: Béla Bartók

    • 6.
      Melody from Ghana Music: Traditional

  • Total playtime
Digital // CAP 21842 // Jazz in Sweden // Jazz // Releasedate: 5 March, 2015