Music From All Corners of the World

Various artists

A sizzling mosaic of music from sixteen countries and five continents. Music that you never knew of, melodies that have survived for centuries and songs created just the other day. Blues from the Mekong Delta and topical verses from the streets of Kampala, funeral tunes and love songs – an enormous variety! Percussion intertwining with lutes and flutes. Let an amadinda, a cinh-k’naar or a kaval enthral you, listen to great singers and instrumental virtuosos!

These recordings were made on site but are neither traditional field recordings, nor regular studio products. ”We recorded authentic music, the kind that can be of interest to listeners the world over”, to quote Sten Sandahl, one of the producers who contributed to the series Music from….

As early as 1971, Caprice Records, then a newly started record company, began releasing fully loaded, multifaceted albums with music from places completely different than their home country of Sweden. These were vinyl records such as Music from Bulgaria, Turkisk musik and Music from Tanzania, recorded on site by music ethnologists such as Deben Bhattacharya and Krister Malm. The records contained detailed booklets and fascinating music.

Beginning in 1991, the operation entered a new phase, when producer Sten Sandahl at Rikskonserter (the then Concert Sweden organization) began to make recording trips, supported by the aid organization SIDA. For almost 15 years, several trips were made to document and disseminate music, that until then had been more or less blank spots on the music map, especially when it came to minority cultures in countries such as Vietnam and Honduras. The main purpose of these recordings was to depict the music of the people – not just traditional folk music. How does a nightclub orchestra in Addis Ababa sound? What is played by the different peoples of the South Vietnamese highlands? What does one dance to among the Central American Garifuna descendants? As an explorer in music, Sten Sandahl, together with recording technician Torbjörn Samuelsson, went out into the world and captured an enormous wealth of previously almost unheard music. In total, there were 22 CD releases.
This double CD collection opens the door to the worlds they discovered. Music From All Corners of the World wants to arouse curiosity about the musical journeys in time and space that can be made within the series Music from…. It is a compilation album with a wide selection of music that Caprice Records has made available for several decades.

In addition to the SIDA-supported recordings, Caprice Records has begun digitizing and updating the original LP releases, which have also been baked into the Music from… series. It is a work in progress. This new collection also includes music from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, taken from the CD releases with older recordings that have been released in recent years.
The common thread has always been the kaleidoscopic image one gets of the musical cultures one encounters. But with a few exceptions, each record depicts several cultures/peoples/artists/traditions from countries such as Vietnam, Guatemala, Montenegro, and Tanzania. The compilation album Music From All Corners of the World highlights some of the hits: a deafening brass band from Macedonia, a dying court music on harp from Uganda, the heartfelt song that the students sing at Kilimani Muslim School in Zanzibar.

This burst-filled box is distributed internationally and is available for purchase at well-stocked record stores, and the music is available for download and streaming on all major digital services.

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    • 1.
      Domaćine, na tvoje poštenje Music: Krsto Mršulja

    • 2.
      Mangenge Music: Kusini Dela Dela Group

    • 3.
      Sto si tolku Leno, gajlelija Music: Orkestar Pece Atanasovski

    • 4.
      Alegntaye Music: Yared Orchestra

    • 5.
      Ndrava ya Mamana Music: Duo Willy and Anibal

    • 6.
      Luna de Xelajú Music: Marimba de Concierto de Bellas Artes del Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes

    • 7.
      Αντά ’μαν παλικάρι Music: Dómna Samíou

    • 8.
      Folk tune on the bağlama Music: Aşık Daimi

    • 9.
      Valija e sokoleshës - Kolo sokolice Music: Besa Albanian Group

    • 10.
      Convenio Music: Los Tucumbi

    • 11.
      Tuhta mairin lal pulkira Music: Grupo Yakal siksa

    • 12.
      Love Song and Brîu Music: Ion Lăceanu/Orchestra Populară a Radioteleviziunei Romăne Bukares

    • 13.
      Cung đàn đất nủớc Music: Phong Lan

    • 14.
      Etooke (The Banana) Music: The Planets

    • 15.
      Conozco Honduras Music: Caramberos de Nueva Celilac

    • 16.
      Liểu Xuân Nủớng Music: Kim Sinh

    • 17.
      Kibunguu Music: Sanaa Kariakoo

    • 18.
      Horo – Wedding Dance: Dve nevesti oro vodat Music: Asen Ilov/Atanas Varadenov/Ivan Gerov/Inna Petrova Angelova/Vasilika Dimitrova Lazarova/Dinka Pavlova

    • 19.
      Čobanine, lijepa đevojko Music: Ensemble Podgorica/Šjukrija Serhatlić

    • 20.
      Plièr Music: Ê-dê (Buôn K'xia)

    • 21.
      Harusi yoyo Music: Hasan Abdallah/Kilimani Muslim School

    • 22.
      Cwara yin iyela Music: Ikoce

    • 23.
      Poyo wic ikom merok Music: Dim Abilo

    • 24.
      Strumichki Oriental Music: Orkestar Ace

    • 25.
      El Cututeo Music: Voces Copanecas

    • 26.
      Ba cham bani Music: Cham

    • 27.
      Agavaraha Music: Lanigi Mua

    • 28.
      Salamta Music: Alemayehu Fanta

    • 29.
      Nana nwa m'pfula Music: Valdimar 'Djingo' Mbenzane

    • 30.
      Mani Music: The Sameyda Ensemble

    • 31.
      Orphan Child Music: Edel' Akongu Ekodelele

    • 32.
      Đỏan xuân Music: Hien Lủỏng/Đoan Ca Kich Huế

    • 33.
      Lubidu Nafridu Music: Grupo Ugandani

    • 34.
      Wedding music from Thrace: Gaida solo Music: Kostadin Varimezov

    • 35.
      Ru con Music: Lủỏng Hùng Việt

    • 36.
      Ee wonwa wakelo tyer Music: Holy Rosary Church Choir

    • 37.
      Chouchana: Fundu Music: Salah el Mahdi/Khaled Bassa/Hichem Cherif/Fethi Zgonda/Nouri Rebai/Bechir Bounanéne/Mohamed Yangui/Tawfik ben Khalifa/Khaled Sdiri

    • 38.
      Kagutema Music: Juliet Ssessanga/Dede Majoro/James Muwanga/Godfrey Lubuulwa/Giles Warugaba/Vincent Nyegenya/Andy Cooke/James Micklem/John Ssekitooleko/Dr Albert Ssempeke/Flavia Nakayima/Sebastian Sentamu/John Bosco Mayiga

    • 39.
      Rio de la Magdalena Music: Los Chigualeros

    • 40.
      Amagombe tegaluwa Music: Albert Ssempeke

    • 41.
      Carta Music: Simentera

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