Gösta Ohlins Vokalensemble: Håkanson, Norman & Brahms

Gösta Ohlins Vokalensemble, Gösta Ohlin, Ingemar Bergfelt

Caprice Records re-releases choral music by three great romanticists – Johannes Brahms, Ludvig Norman and Knut Håkanson. All sung by one of Sweden’s, in its day, most reputable choirs.

Gösta Ohlins Vocal Ensemble was a mixed choir with about 20 members. It was formed in 1970 by choirmaster, professor and organist Gösta Ohlin (1921-2012). Most singers in the choir were already professional musicians, and the choir gave many concerts, made radio recordings, and participated in live radio shows. The ensemble’s repertoire extended over both secular and sacred music from all eras. It also made several international concerto tours, among others to Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, and Denmark.

On this record, Gösta Ohlin’s Vocal Ensemble combines Nordic choral lyrics and gipsy songs. Knut Håkanson’s songs – beloved by tens of thousands of Swedish choral singers – were written during the last year of his life. Ludvig Norman’s choral pieces are associated with the Schumann epoch – but with a Nordic touch – and Brahms’ Zigeunerlieder are Hungarian music filtered through the composer’s temperament.

The recordings were made Nov 15-16, 1975 (Brahms), and Mar 25-27, 1977 (Håkanson & Norman), in the Fästeberga School’s assembly hall in Mölndal, Sweden.
Producet & technician: Håkan Sjögren
Technicican: Lennart Fahlén, Sonoconsult AB
Photography: Bild-Service Göteborg, Håkan Sjögren
Cover image: Wood engraving by Svenolov Ehrén
Graphics: Ingi Kirsebom, Sofia Berry

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Fyra madrigaler i Wivallij anda, Op. 36: I. Lustwijns Wijsa Music: Knut Håkanson

    • 2.
      Fyra madrigaler i Wivallij anda, Op. 36: II. Wivallij Dröm Music: Knut Håkanson

    • 3.
      Fyra madrigaler i Wivallij anda, Op. 36: III. Väll then som vidt aff höga Klippor Music: Knut Håkanson

    • 4.
      Fyra madrigaler i Wivallij anda, Op. 36: IV. Wåhr-Wijsa Music: Knut Håkanson

    • 5.

    • 6.
      Ur Sju sånger, Op. 15: I. Där borta Music: Ludvig Norman

    • 7.
      Ur Sju sånger, Op. 15: II. Om våren Music: Ludvig Norman

    • 8.
      Ur Sju sånger, Op. 15: III. Kolartro Music: Ludvig Norman

    • 9.
      Ur Sju sånger, Op. 15: IV. Linden Music: Ludvig Norman

    • 10.
      Ur Sju sånger, Op. 15: V. Bön Music: Ludvig Norman

    • 11.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: I. He, Zigeuner, greife in die Saiten Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 12.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: II. Hochgetürmte Rimaflut Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 13.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: III. Wißt ihr, wann mein Kindchen Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 14.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: IV. Lieber Gott, du weißt Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 15.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: V. Brauner Bursche führt zum Tanze Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 16.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: VI. Röslein dreie in der Reihe Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 17.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: VII. Kommt dir manchmal in den Sinn Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 18.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: VIII. Horch, der Wind klagt in den Zweigen Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 19.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: IX. Weit und breit schaut niemand mich an Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 20.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: X. Mond verhüllt sein Angesicht Music: Johannes Brahms

    • 21.
      Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103: XI. Rote Abendwolken ziehn Music: Johannes Brahms

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Digital // CAP 21908 // Classical // Releasedate: 1 December, 2017