¡Fiesta Barroca Latina!

Ensemble Villancico, Peter Pontvik

Somewhere in 18th century Latin America, the priest has just concluded mass, and now it’s time for festivities!

Music and dance reflect the traditions of the varied population, where both Native, African, and European elements are expressed in a fiesta accompanied by traditional dances with flutes and drums. The music on the album also reproduces the liturgical repertoire which, through its texts in Guaraní, Mapudúngún, Mochica, Spanish or Latin, tells of the subjugating force of a Christian-Catholic worldview, implemented over several centuries.

Ensemble Villancico has introduced the Scandinavian audience to a new genre: early world music from Latin America. Since 1995, the group has delivered its colourful music to around thirty countries in Europe and South America, as well as the Galapagos Islands. The group has recorded ten CD albums, received a Grammy nomination, an interpretation award and several recordings on radio and TV, both in Sweden and abroad. The combination of colourful early Latin American repertoire and a vocal and instrumental ensemble schooled in Swedish tradition, has resulted in world reputation and a leading position within the genre. The ensemble’s clear, homogeneous sound and the warm, passionate interpretations have won international acclaim.

The ensemble’s founder and leader since the beginning is Peter Pontvik, born in Copenhagen in 1963, and educated in composition, musicology, vocal and choral conducting in Sweden, Germany, and Uruguay. He has written chamber music as well as choral and orchestral works, and has done extensive research in early music. Pontvik is the founder and artistic director of the Stockholm Early Music Festival and initiator of the international Early Music Day. He has been chairman of REMA (European Early Music Network) and is ditto in NORDEM (Nordic Early Music).

Ensemble Villancico members are:

Jessica Bäcklund, Kathrin Lorenzen, soprano
Charlotta Hedberg, alto
Kaspar von Weber, countertenor
Love Tronner, Emanuel Roll, tenor
Yamandú Pontvik, baritone
Erik Arnelöf, bass
Göran Månsson, recorders, percussion
Dohyo Sol, baroque guitar, theorbo
Magdalena Mårding, Nora Roll, viola da gamba
Rolf Landberg, Jesper Lagström, percussion
Peter Pontvik, musical direction

Recorded at Länna Church April 22nd–25th, 2022
Liner notes: Peter Pontvik
Cover picture from Codex Martínez Compañón, Trujilo, Peru 1780s
Graphic design: Markus Ström Media www.mediastrom.se
Executive producer: Marie Wisén

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    • 1.
      ¡Vaya de gira! Music: Juan de Araújo 1646–1712

    • 2.
      Cachua Niño il mijor Music: Anonymous, Codex Martínez Compañón, c.1782–1783, Trujillo, Peru

    • 3.
      ¡Óigan, escuchen, atiendan! Music: Manuel de Mesa y Carrizo 1725–1773, arr. Waldemar Axel Roldán

    • 4.
      Corderito, por qué te escondes? Music: Juan de Araújo 1646–1712

    • 5.
      Venimo con glan contento Music: Gaspar Fernandes 1566–1629

    • 6.
      (H)ára vale háva Music: Anonymous, Archivo musical de Chiquitos, c.1600/1700s, transcr. Piótr Nawrot

    • 7.
      Tata guasu aña retãmengua Music: Anonymous, Archivo musical de Chiquitos, c.1600/1700s, transcr. Piótr Nawrot

    • 8.
      Morenita con gracia es María Music: Juan de Araújo 1646–1712

    • 9.
      Cachua serranita Music: Anonymous, Codex Martínez Compañón, c.1782–1783, Trujillo, Peru

    • 10.
      ¡Óigan todos y todas! Music: Anonymous, c.1680–1700s, Seminario de San Antonio Abad, Cusco, Peru, transcr: Bernardo Illari, arr: Peter Pontvik

    • 11.
      Tonada del Chimo Music: Anonymous, Codex Martínez Compañón, c.1782–1783, Trujillo, Peru

    • 12.
      Dime Pedro, por tu vida Music: Frei Manuel Correia, c.1600–1653, Codex Zuola, Cuzco, Peru, transcr: Aurelio Tello

    • 13.
      Cad Bùrenieve - Jesus cad - Ventenlu Music: Bernardo Havestadt 1714–1781, Cancionero Chilidúgú, Isla de Chiloe, Chile, transcr. Victor Rondó, arr: Peter Pontvik

    • 14.
      Alleluia dic nobis Maria Music: Francisco López Capillas 1614–1674, Mexico

    • 15.
      Tonada el Congo Music: Anonymous, Codex Martínez Compañón, c.1782–1783, Trujillo, Peru

    • 16.
      Circumdederunt me dolore mortis Music: Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla c.1590–1664, Mexico

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CAP 21940 // Classical // Releasedate: 28 April, 2023