Caprice Records becomes Caprice Music

“In the past few years, we at Caprice have broadened our offerings, for example by launching the podcast Caprice Musikpodd last year,” says Marie Wisén, Director at Caprice. “And it feels natural to update our name as we transition from being a traditional record label to being more of a modern music company. The way people consume music has changed dramatically over the past decades, and with this rebranding, we hope to meet the modern audience in a more relevant way.”

With the help of the design agency Familjen STHLM, Caprice has also gained a new visual identity to help the company step into the future. “It was time for a fresh start, visually too,” continues Marie Wisén. “The old red-black logo has been with us since the 1980s and has served us well, but now we wanted to show that Caprice is not just resting on its old laurels but also has many new and exciting things to contribute moving forward!”


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