Orchestral Transitions: Swedish Symphonic Music for the Organ

Jonas Lundblad, Annamia Larsson

This is the third release from Caprice Records where we do a deep dive into the expressive and varied world of Swedish organ music, on the album Orchestral Transitions: Swedish Symphonic Music for the Organ.

Organist and musicologist Jonas Lundblad takes us on a new journey up on the Swedish organ lofts of the turn of the last century, where the music quickly developed in a more symphonic, orchestral direction. Music by master composers such as Hugo Alfvén, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Elfrida Andrée, Kurt Atterberg, Sara Wennerberg-Reuter, and Otto Olsson, illustrate a time of outstanding creativity and innovative spirit. Several of the works on the album are also premiere recordings of music that in any event should have been immortalised on record a long time ago – it’s high time this was rectified!

As the instruments throughout the 19th century grew in both size and complexity, so did the tonal possibilities, and many composers took advantage of these with new, creative ways of composing for the organ. So when the country’s orchestras gradually moved from the churches to the newly built concert halls, it became the organ’s task to fill the symphonic-sounding hole they left behind – because there was still plenty of music written, where the natural role of the instrument to deal with historical and religious symbolism was considered indispensable.

Jonas Lundblad, photo: Ola Högberg

This album has been recorded on an instrument that illustrates the tonal ideals and possibilities of the time particularly well; the large organ in Västerås Cathedral, built by the firm Åkerman & Lund in 1898, is an incredibly well-preserved and well-restored example of the magnificent organ-building tradition that Sweden enjoyed at the turn of the last century. This fantastic instrument, together with Västerås Cathedral’s outstanding acoustic space, results in an extraordinary listening experience!

The album is available in both digital format and on CD with a full, informative booklet.

Recorded at Västerås Cathedral September 5–8, 2022.
Recorded, edited and mastered by Erik Sikkema
Research & liner notes: Jonas Lundblad
Photo: Ola Högberg
Graphic design: Sofia Berry
Translations & executive producer: Erik Hamrefors

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Symphonic Piece Music: Harald Fryklöf

    • 2.
      The Spring Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar

    • 3.
      Sången, Op. 44: Interlude Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar/Gösta Lundborg

    • 4.
      Symphony No. 1 in E-Flat Major, Op. 15 (excerpts): III. Intermezzo Music: Otto Olsson

    • 5.
      Symphony No. 1 in E-Flat Major, Op. 15 (excerpts): IV. Andante Music: Otto Olsson

    • 6.
      Notturno Elegiaco, Op. 5 Music: Hugo Alfvén

    • 7.
      Revelation Cantata, Op. 31: Prelude Music: Hugo Alfvén

    • 8.
      Prelude, Introduction and Fugue in C minor Music: Sara Wennerberg-Reuter

    • 9.
      Gustaf II Adolf Suite, Op. 49: Elegy Music: Hugo Alfvén/Oskar Lindberg

    • 10.
      Organ Sonata in C Major Music: Gösta Lundborg

    • 11.
      Prelude and Fugue in A Major, Op. 35 Music: John Fernström

    • 12.
      Prelude and Fugue Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 13.
      Invocatio Music: Ture Rangström

  • Total playtime
CAP 21942 // Classical // Releasedate: 20 October, 2023