Atterberg/symf 3/Hornkonsert C

Kurt Atterberg

Symphony 3 & Horn Concerto in A-minor

Caprice Composer Series present Kurt Atterberg’s Symphony No. 3, op. 10 and the Concert for Horn and Orchestra...

Efkar: Back to Anatolia

Efkar Ensemble

Back to Anatolia

Thoughts of and yearning for the homeland – through music – that is what binds the musicians in Efkar...

Börtz The Bacchae

Backanterna/The Bacchae

Daniel Börtz

Simultaneously with the TV premiere of the opera The Bacchae, this recording from Berwaldhallen in Stockholm, the...

Fredrik Ljungkvist & Yun Kan 5: Badaling

Fredrik Ljungkvist Yun Kan 5


Yun Kan 5 was formed in Stockholm in 2003 by the then thirty-two year-old composer, saxophonist and clarinettist...



Lena Hoel, Björn Haugan, Erik Saedén

In Barfotaliv we are in the 1850s Stockholm. A motley, colorful and teeming world shows and where the steps...

Bengt Hambræus

Various Artists

Various Artists The 20th issue in the Caprice Composers Series is a portrait of the composer Bengt Hambræus containing the following compostitions: Rota II, Ricordanza per orchestra and Symphonia Sacra in Tempore Passionis.Rota II for multi-channel loudspeaker rendering is made up of electronically processed instrumental sounds. These consist entirely of the sound of bells and organ, via a number of tiny bells from a small foundry near Mora in Sweden, and the organ of the Church of the Assumption in Munich. Ricordanza is an...

Beredskapsswing vol. 4, 1940-42

Swedish Jazz History Vol. 4

Wartime Preparedness Swing, 1940–42

Time now for "Beredskapsswing", the fourth volume in the Caprice series entitled "Swedish Jazz History". This is...

Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Håkan Rosengren Klarinett

Bernhard Henrik Crusell

Håkan Rosengren, Clarinet & Sundsvall Chamber Orchestra

Bernhard Crusell (1775 – 1838), born in Finland and active in Sweden, is presented on this CD by three pieces...

Bernt Rosengren Big Band feat Horace Parlan piano, Doug Raney guitar

Bernt Rosengren Big Band

with Horace Parlan, piano & Doug Raney, guitar

Bernt Rosengren, saxophonist, flautist, composer and arranger, is one of Sweden’s most internationally renowned...

Berwald x 2 vol. 4

Berwald x 2

Tor Mann & Sten Broman

Berwald x 2, vol. 4 in the Collectors Classics Series. For all the importance of the orchestral works of Franz...

Blod, Lik & Tårar

Blood, Corpses & Tears

Various Artists

Chapbook songs and ballads produced the mass media information of t earlier times. In Sweden these texts were...

Blomdahl dirigerar Blomdahl vol. 10

Blomdahl conducts Blomdahl

Karl-Birger Blomdahl

The composer Karl-Birger Blomdahl (1916–68) actually wanted to become a conductor. The musicologist Carl-Gunnar...

Blue Pages

Blue Pages

Blue Pages

The Jazz in Sweden award 1997 was given to the group Blue Pages. It consisted of the two saxophone players...

Boot - Soot



When three of Sweden’s leading folk musicians join together with traditional instruments and rhythms, and...

Brand new! vol. 9, 1960-64

Swedish Jazz History Vol. 9

Brand new! 1960–64

The series Svensk Jazzhistoria (Swedish Jazz History) has now come to the eventful years between 1960 – 1964....

Lina Nyberg & Magnus Lindgren: Brasil Big Bom

Brasil Big Bom

Lina Nyberg & Magnus Lindgren

As homage to the vital musical tradition of Brazil – that is one way of describing the result of the...