Viba Femba

Everyone speaks Swedish

The vocal group Viba Femba was founded in the city of Uppsala in 1984. The members merged together in boys’ choirs, high school choirs, in music schools and in various groups. Nowadays they are very sought after fulltime professional singers. The group writes most of their material themselves, and their texts are often characterized by a subtle humor.

Viba Femba sings acapella. Five voices that fits perfectly together after industrious training. Viba Femba regards themselves as an instrumental group rather than as a vocal quintet. As a listener you are not supposed to notice the absence of instruments.
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    • 1.
      Små människor Music: Kaj Magnusson Text: Kaj Magnusson
    • 2.
      Bejaka Music: Gunnar Axelson-Fisk Text: Gunnar Axelson-Fisk
    • 3.
      Det känns igen Music: Anders Widmark Text: Henrik Ekman
    • 4.
      Litet bo jag sätta vill Music: Alice Tegnér Text: Staffan Lindberg
    • 5.
      Puss Music: Prince Text: Joppe Pihlgren
    • 6.
      Amors pilar Music: Stefan Sundström Text: Stefan Sundström
    • 7.
      En bit lök Music: Staffan Lindberg Text: Staffan Lindberg
    • 8.
      Herman går Music: Staffan Lindberg Text: Staffan Lindberg
    • 9.
      Slåttervisa Music: Trad.
    • 10.
      En månskensnatt på slottsbacken Music: Gunnar Wennerberg Text: Gunnar Wennerberg
    • 11.
      Glimmande nymf, Epistel nr 72. Music: Carl Michael Bellman Text: Carl Michael Bellman
  • Total playtime 44'24

Compact Disc // CAP 21457 // Visa // Releasedate: 1 January, 1994