Tubin: Balalaika Concerto

Nicolaus Zwetnow, Lucia Negro, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Kjell Ingebretsen

This digital album presents Nicolaus Zwetnow (1929-2016), an, in many ways, extraordinary man: a professional sports shooter who competed in two summer Olympics, a neurosurgeon and later professor in neurosurgery at Oslo University, and last but not least – one of the world’s foremost virtuosi on an instrument seldom seen in the classical repertoire: the Balalaika.

Tubin’s Balalaika concerto was recorded at the Stockholm Concert Hall on Feb 15-16, 1979
Technician: Olle Bolander
Producer: Håkan Elmquist

The chamber music was recorded at Sveriges Radios Studio 2 in Stockholm Sept 19-20, 1979.
Technician: Rune Sundvall
Producer: Gunilla Sandberg Saulesco

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Siberian Rhapsody, Op. 13 Music: Nikolay Budashkin

    • 2.
      Sonatina for Balalaika and Piano: I. Part 1 Music: Sven-Eric Johanson

    • 3.
      Sonatina for Balalaika and Piano: II. Part 2 Music: Sven-Eric Johanson

    • 4.
      Balalaika Concerto: I. Andante ma rubato - Allegro non troppo (attacca) Music: Eduard Tubin

    • 5.
      Balalaika Concerto: II. Andante sostenuto (attacca) Music: Eduard Tubin

    • 6.
      Balalaika Concerto: III. Allegro giocoso Music: Eduard Tubin

    • 7.
      Elegy No. 1 in E Minor Music: Boris Goltz

    • 8.
      Four Russian Folks Songs: I. Sing, My Shepherd Flute Music: Boris Troyanovsky

    • 9.
      Four Russian Folks Songs: II. Hour after Hour Music: Boris Troyanovsky

    • 10.
      Four Russian Folks Songs: III. Katinka is Dancing in the Village Music: Boris Troyanovsky

    • 11.
      Four Russian Folks Songs for Balalaika and Piano: IV. Ah, You Birch Tree Music: Boris Troyanovsky

    • 12.
      Cadenza Music: Nicolaus Zwetnow

  • Total playtime

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