Ligeti – Joplin – Martinů – Holewa: Works for Harpsichord

Eva Nordwall

The harpsichord never went out of style, and in the 20th century the rumour of its death proved greatly exaggerated indeed. Few have helped the instrument secure its place in modern and contemporary classical music like the pioneer Eva Nordwall. This record, her debut album on Caprice Records, contains a wide range of the musical expressions that fits the harpsichord well outside the boundaries of baroque and classical music.

The great composer György Ligeti (1923-2006) wrote his famous Passacaglia ungherese for Eva Nordwall, and oversaw the recording of his music for this very album, in 1981.

Recording details:
1981-01-13 – 1981-01-15 & 1981-12-10, Museum of Performing Arts, Stockholm
Producer och technician: Ulf Rosenberg
Graphic design: Ingi Kirsebom, Sofia Berry
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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Continuum: Prestissimo molto legato Music: György Ligeti

    • 2.
      Hungarian Rock: Vivacissimo molto ritmico Music: György Ligeti

    • 3.
      Passacaglia ungherese: Andante espressivo e poco rubato Music: György Ligeti

    • 4.
      Pine Apple Rag: Slow march tempo Music: Scott Joplin

    • 5.
      Maple Leaf Rag: Tempo di marcia Music: Scott Joplin

    • 6.
      Sonate: Poco allegro - Poco moderato e cantabile - Allegretto Music: Bohuslav Martinů

    • 7.
      Deux impromptus: I. Allegretto Music: Bohuslav Martinů

    • 8.
      Deux impromptus: II. Music: Bohuslav Martinů

    • 9.
      Deux pièces: I. Lento Music: Bohuslav Martinů

    • 10.
      Deux pièces: II. Allegro con brio Music: Bohuslav Martinů

    • 11.
      Notturno per gli espulsi: Molto sostenuto Music: Hans Holewa

    • 12.
      Rondo bisbigliando: Andante giovale Music: Hans Holewa

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Digital // CAP 21921 // Releasedate: 7 December, 2018