Björn Ståbi, Gunnel Mauritzon & Bengan Janson

NÅRA, the group consisting of Gunnel Mauritzson (vocal), Björn Ståbi (fiddle) and Bengan Janson (accordion), was formed in the autumn of 1997. This is their first CD.

This CD presents three versatile musicians, all well-known in their own different fields. Together as NÅRA, they have found a congenial way of expressing themselves, and the group has gainend great popularity.

Three provinces are represented here: Gunnel is from the Baltic island of Gotland, Björn from Dalarna, and Bengan from Hälsingland. On the 18 tracks of this record we hear a mixture of medieval songs, polskas, slightly risqué drinking songs, ardent love ballads and songs with a promise of summer.

Gunnel Mauritzson has, during recent years, established herself as one of the foremost folksingers in Sweden. Sometimes she works with the Balcan orientaded group, Orientexpressen. She also teaches Swedish popular song at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Gunnel is an outstanding jazz singer, as can be heard on her CD Silhuett with its innovative interpretations of Lars Gullin compositions.

All-rounder Björn Ståbi is active among other things, as a soloist, duet player, dance fiddler, leader or workshops and visual artist.

Bengan Janson is, without doubt, one of Sweden’s greatest virtuosos on the accordion. He has made himself known as an all-rounder in the world of entertainment, where he also contributes in countless different connections and musical styles. He also tours with actors.

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    • 1.
      Rosalill och hennes moder Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: trad/Mauritzon
    • 2.
      Här dansar jag mä mäinä gamblä skour Music: trad Text: trad. arr. Nåra
    • 3.
      Valsen till dig Music: Helena Torpby Text: Gunnel Mauritzon
    • 4.
      Vals efter Jämt Olof Music: trad. arr. Nåra
    • 5.
      Den gråtande drängen/Polska efter Kus Erik Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: trad. bearb. Mauritzon
    • 6.
      Sommarnatt Music: Ellika Frisell Text: Oscar Levertin
    • 7.
      Dryckesvisor Music: H Kiran, trad.arr. Nåra Text: W B Yeats, trad.
    • 8.
      Orsa vallåtspolska Music: trad arr. Nåra Text: Verner von Heidenstam
    • 9.
      Rovpolskan Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: trad.
    • 10.
      Som stjärnan uppå himmelen så klar Music: trad. arr. Mauritzon Text: trad.
    • 11.
      Längtan Music: Lars Högpers
    • 12.
      Jag vandrat har kring denna vida jorden Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: trad
    • 13.
      Sjömansvisa från Orsa Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: trad.
    • 14.
      Naudljaus Music: trad. Venantius Fortunatus Text: Gustaf Larsson
    • 15.
      Gamblä Valu Music: trad./Mauritzon Text: trad./Th Erlandssson
    • 16.
      Ack, ack om det vor dag Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: trad.
    • 17.
      Galopp från Röros Music: trad. arr. Nåra
    • 18.
      Nu sommarlöven falla Music: trad. arr. Nåra Text: T Scherini
  • Total playtime 60'40

Compact Disc // CAP 21615 // Folkmusik // Releasedate: 1 January, 1999