Chapter 2

Nils Landgren & Johan Norberg

Johan Norberg and Nisse Landgren are the only two musicians participating on this the first CD with Chapter Two from 1989. Johan plays twelve string guitar, slide, nylon-stringed and electric guitars. Nisse plays the trombone and the trumpet. No instruments but these are involved and the CD was recorded in only five days.

On this CD Johan and Nisse play the music they love with no extra frills. Neil Young, Beatles, Lee Dorsey, old jazz classics and their own material. The record was nominated for the Swedish Grammis award in 1989.

Nils Landgren is the probably best well known trombonist in Sweden; he is also an excellent singer. He has a long carrier as a solo artist and he is active in many different genres such as jazz, rock, soul, hip-hop and funk and has collaborated with, among others, Herbie Hancock, ABBA, Crusaders and Eddie Harris. He has, according to himself, participated in more than 500 recordings.

Johan Norberg has studied the guitar at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has also been active as a pedagogue. His specialty is to play the guitar with open tuning. Johan Norberg has made three records together with Jonas Knutsson, all of them nominated for the Swedish Gammis award and he has collaborated with innumerable Swedish artists such as Monica Zetterlund, Eva Dahlgren, Cajsa-Stina Åkerlund, Jojje Wadenius and many more.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Only Love Can Break Your Heart Music: N Young Text: N Young
    • 2.
      Eleanor Rigby Music: J Lennon P McCartney Text: J Lennon P McCartney
    • 3.
      Dead Simple Music: J Norberg Text: J Norberg
    • 4.
      My Funny Valentine Music: R Rodgers Text: L Hart
    • 5.
      Stomp Music: N Landgren J Norberg Text: N Landgren J Norberg
    • 6.
      There Goes My Heart Music: A Silver Text: B Davis
    • 7.
      Get Out Of My Life Woman Music: A Toussaint Text: A Toussaint
    • 8.
      That's All There Is Music: J Norberg Text: J Norberg
    • 9.
      Life In The Modern World Music: I Lins Text: B Walsh
    • 10.
      Out Of The Frying Pan Music: J Norberg Text: J Norberg
    • 11.
      Beep Music: N Landgren Text: N Landgren
    • 12.
      Dedication Music: J Norberg Text: J Norberg
  • Total playtime 45'12

Compact Disc // CAP 21375 // Jazz // Releasedate: 1 January, 1989