Bosse Broberg & Nogenja

Conspiracy in Flat Five

Trumpeter, composer and arranger Bosse Broberg leads Nogenja Jazz Soloist Ensemble, a big band the members of which he has chosen from among the elite of Swedish jazz musicians. Nogenja stands for “non generation jazz”, a term to describe fellowship among musicians of different generations and the timeless quality of the music that is played.

Nogenja now present a new recording: It begins with the Miles Davis jazz classic “Donna Lee” arranged in a completely new and astonishing manner. It continues with such well known compositions as John Lewis’ “Django”, Duke Ellington’s “Warm Valley”, Billy Strayhorn’s “Blood Count” and others, including some fine new original compositions all arranged by Bosse Broberg. His dynamic interpretations illuminate the personal qualities of the individual soloists as much as the ensemble work.
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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Donna Lee (in flat 5) Music: Miles Davis
    • 2.
      Warm valley Music: Duke Ellington
    • 3.
      Mountain bridges Music: Bosse Broberg
    • 4.
      Django Music: John Lewis
    • 5.
      When I fall in love Music: Victor Young
    • 6.
      Cubano chant Music: Ray Bryant
    • 7.
      Blood count Music: Billy Strayhorn
    • 8.
      Mister Trickster Music: Bosse Broberg
    • 9.
      Hej Bej Music: Bosse Broberg
  • Total playtime 70'18

Compact Disc // CAP 21669 // Jazz // Releasedate: 26 March, 2001