Current Research Projects

Women Practitioners and Scenography of Srauma in Contemporary Russian Theatre

In the project Women Practitioners and Scenography of Srauma in Contemporary Russian Theatre, Olga Nikolaeva analyzes scenography of trauma in works of women practitioners in contemporary Russian theatre.

The Importance of Record Covers for the Rising Status of Jazz

The project analyzes how Swedish record covers in jazz connected to developments in visual arts, and what these connections meant for jazz in Sweden.

Penitent sinners, monstrous (m)others: Infanticide in street ballads amidst popular song and reality

How do skilling prints from the 18th and 19th century depict protagonists and their crimes? And what were the real circumstances behind the printed words? Five case studies lead us to dark domains of women’s history. Read more about the project.

Whose voice, whose gaze?

Gender, power, categories, and multi-vocal narratives in Scandinavian ballad tradition. A project on present-day relevance and re-thinking of categories. Read more about the project Whose voice, whose gaze?

Creative Transitions: Musical Currents in Sweden in the 1960s and 1970s

The late 1960s and early 1970s are often described in terms of a transformative era in many ways, characterized by movements. How did these movements create conditions for creativity? Read more about Creative Transitions.

Classical music for a mediatized world

How is the understanding of classical music formed by the spreading of images, films and other visual and audio-visual representations in different media? And what are the notions of classical music in today’s Westernsociety? Read more about the project.

Intangible instrument building as folk musical materialization

The contemporary building of folk music instruments is an area where negotiations of historic authenticity and product development for a living tradition take place. In this ethnomusicological project Madeleine Modin examines and systematises the choices involved in folk music instrument building and the aim is to contribute to an understanding of the notions at play. Read more about the project.


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