Music across borders

Musikverket’s work extends beyond the borders of Sweden. A key task for Musikplattformen (Music Platform) is the promotion of the internationalisation of the music scene - encouraging international collaborations, helping Swedish music out into the world, and the creation of opportunities for musical experiences from other countries.

Music Platform International Strategy

Music Platform works to promote the internationalisation of the music scene in Sweden. The concept of internationalisation includes both advancement of Swedish music in the world and the bringing in of quality music from other countries, it also includes international collaborations.

The strategy for Music Platform’s international work has been developed in consultation with representatives from the music scene. It stipulates that it is specifically just the ideas and requirements of the music industry that will inform and guide the direction of Music Platform’s work.

Major elements of the strategy are strategic annual investment amounting to millions of kronor, co-operation within and outside Sweden and a shared knowledge bank of international experience and contacts.

ISPA Swedish Fellowship Programme

ISPA Swedish Fellowship Programme is a leadership training for producers in the performing arts, funded by Musikverket and the Swedish Performing Arts Association. The initiative is part of Musikverket's efforts to promote the internationalisation of the independent music scene in Sweden.

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