Statens musikverk

A meeting-point for competence, expertise and unexpected encounters in music, theatre and dance.

Statens musikverk

Statens musikverk (National Collections of Music, Theatre and Dance) was incepted on 1 May 2011. Its mission is to promote a wide-ranging musical offering throughout the country, distinguished by excellence and artistic regeneration, and to preserve and bring to life theatre, dance and music heritage.

Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Depth, knowledge and happy music making – opening the door to the worlds of theatre, music and dance.

Musik- och teaterbiblioteket (The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden) is one of the oldest and largest specialist libraries of its kind in Europe, accessible to all. The evolution of performing arts and the history of music are reflected in this extensive collection of books. Sheet music for beginners and professionals, for all settings and genres, is also widely available. There is drama – manuscripts and printed editions – in several different languages.

The rich collection of older publications, manuscripts and archives includes both theatre and musical material, amongst others the original manuscripts of several important Swedish composers and more than half a million photographs from the world of theatre.


Experience and be moved! Cultural heritage in the midst of creative reality.

Scenkonstmuseet (Swedish Museum of Performing Arts). Exhibitions and activities related to music and theatre. Concerts, debates, lectures and other things for children and adults are connected to on-going exhibitions. Educational work includes exhibitions, written material, building instruments, workshops and musical games.

Backstage and in the depository there is a constant effort to collect and to keep instruments, art and other objects in good condition.

Svenskt visarkiv

Preserves folk music, old popular music, Swedish jazz and recently immigrated musical traditions – provides inspiration for innovation.

Svenskt visarkiv (Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) collects, preserves, performs research and publishes material within the areas of folk songs and other songs, dance, folk music and Swedish jazz. The song archive includes material from the songbooks of the 16th century to the songs of today as well as schlager songs.

Svenskt visarkiv is accessible to all, researchers, students and musicians as well as to anyone interested in music. Visitors may read, listen and examine material in the library and also photocopy lyrics and music for their own use.

Caprice Records

A strong label featuring recordings of artistically interesting music

Caprice Records’ output mostly comprises Swedish music by and with Swedish artists, musicians and composers. It includes a broad spectrum of classical music, contemporary music and electroacoustic music, jazz, folk music, world music and music for children.

Caprice has also released historical documentations and recordings, a number of collections and discs devoted to individual composers. As it is now part of Musikverket, the focus lies primarily on re-releases from the catalogue.

Elektronmusikstudion EMS

A meeting-point and development centre for electronic music and sound art – nationally and internationally.

Activities at Elektronmusikstudion, EMS, take place at the crossroads between art and technical development. Studios and training on several levels make it possible for Swedish composers and guest composers from abroad to create electronic art music and sound art.

The library contains a unique collection of books, periodicals, CDs and DVDs related to this particular field.