Documentation of projects supported in 2011

The documentation must be submitted within two months of project completion. If the support has applied to a portion of the project, the deadline is two months after this part has been completed.

The documentation must be mailed to:

Documentation contents

  • Financial report of the project’s income, expenditure and results
    – The accounts in their entirety should be submitted upon request
    – If the project has been granted 300,000 SEK or more in support, attestation of the project accounts is required from an accountant or auditor. If deemed necessary, Statens musikverk may require certification from an approved or authorised public accountant.
  • Statistics
    – Attendance Figures in the event that the project has generated public performances
    – Number of men/women working for the project (not audience)li>
  • Information on the project’s geographical scope by county and country
  • Details of how it has been evidenced that the project has received support from Statens musikverk
  • The outcome of the project in relation to stated aims
  • Proposals for how the project can live on and how new-found insights can be disseminated nationally, and enrich the music scene in general
  • Any other information such that the project owner considers to be of particular relevance

Documentation, together with a statement of the costs of this, must be submitted together with the other accounts.



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