Madeleine Modin

 PhD Madeleine Modin is a research archivist focusing on Swedish vocals and instrumental folk music.

In her research, Madeleine Modin has been interested in issues related to private and institutional collections and collecting, museum practices, cultural heritage, revivals, historical musical instruments and traditional hymn singing in the fields of musicology, organology and music history research.

In 2018 Madeleine Modin defended her dissertation in musicology Perceptions and Presentations of historical musical instruments. A Study of the Stockholm Museum of Music History, 1899-1918 at Stockholm University. The study examines the early history of the Performing Arts Museum, as well as the first approaches in Sweden to what later became the so-called early music movement with performances on historical instruments. For a period, the study was part of the Swedish Music Agency's research project Pluralize or Polarize: About cultural heritage, identity and popular education, 2011-2014.

She teaches musicology at Stockholm University.

She is active in several international networks, such as CIMCIM, (ICOM’s International Committee for Museums and Collections of Instruments and Music) and is secretary of the Swedish committee of ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music).