In 1978, Caprice Records released its first childens’ album, Olikalikadant (“Unlike-Alike”) on LP. For a long there had been requests for Caprice to start issuing records for children, and a special group of consultants for children’s music had been appointed for this very task.

The artists chosen for this first release were Cyndee Peters and Eric Bibb, both of them American musicians who had lived in Sweden and worked together there. They wrote the music, lyrics and plot to the album’s fictional story about when Cyndee’s nephew Ricky comes on a long visit to Sweden, and how he perceives the country where both his language and skin color are seen as unfamiliar. Much of what happens to Ricky is derived from Cyndee’s and Eric’s personal experiences, and the album deals with a still highly topical subject: immigrant children’s situation, and their relationship to “native” Swedes. It’s about alienation, friendship, and understanding.

Singer and sociologist Cyndee Peters was born in North Carolina in 1946, and started singing at a very early age, both in the church choir and at home with her mother, who also sang and played the piano. When still young she moved to New York City to study, and later on to Stockholm, in the early 1970’s. Her artistic career caught speed in Sweden, and she quickly gained fame as a gospel singer and choral director. She has also enjoyed much success on Swedish television and radio with her children’s shows.

Blues musician and singer-songwriter Eric Bibb was born in New York in 1951. He’s the son of blues and folk singer Leon Bibb, and the nephew of famous jazz pianist John Lewis. Through his father’s musicianship, he was taught singing and guitar playing early on, and got to go with on tours across the whole of US and many countries in Europe. He also sang in choir while in school, and has played in countless constellations. Like Cyndee, he moved to Stockholm in the early 70’s, where they met and started working together. Today he has an impressive discography behind him, and has become an eminent figure in acoustic blues especially.

Participating musicians
Cyndee Peters: Vocals, dialogue, lyrics
Eric Bibb: Arrangements, guitar, vocals, kalimba, melodion, African cowbell, organ
Daoud Amin: Percussion, congas, dholak, quijada, guiro
Ivan Krillzarin: Drums, darbuka, afuché, guiro, kalimba, pandero
Rudy Smith: Steel pans
Amedeo Nicoletti: Guitar
Peter Sahlin: Bass
Johan Alenius: Tenor sax, piccolo flute
Ed Epstein: Wind arrangements, alto sax, soprano sax, baritone sax.
Björn Hamrin: Harmonica
Gary Johansson: Banjo
Anders Schilling: Violin
Mattias Helldén: Cello
Nyofu: Saz
Felix Pereyra: Harp
Jim Sidanius: Recorder
Ann-Sofie Söderqvist: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Erik Iwarsson: Vocals
Rennie Taj: Vocals
Eszter Horváth: Dialogue
Sung-Han Cho: Dialogue
Class 5A Grindtorp School, Täby: Choir

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Flight SK 504 (instrumental) Music: Ivan Krillzarin/Amedeo Nicoletti

    • 2.
      Sightseeing Music: Eric Bibb

    • 3.
      En vän Music: Eric Bibb

    • 4.
      Jag är brun - Jag är inte vit, nej, inte precis Music: Eric Bibb

    • 5.
      När jag går ut på gården Music: Eric Bibb

    • 6.
      En vän (instrumental) Music: Eric Bibb

    • 7.
      Rickys gäng - Vi är så olika - Vi är som en enda stor familj Music: Eric Bibb

    • 8.
      Vart går solen Music: Eric Bibb

    • 9.
      Min mormor Music: Eric Bibb

    • 10.
      See You Tomorrow (instrumental) Music: Eric Bibb

    • 11.
      När man jagar lejon Music: Cyndee Peters

    • 12.
      See You Tomorrow Music: Eric Bibb

  • Total playtime
Digital // CAP 21857 // Children's Music // Releasedate: 29 September, 2017