Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius

Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius. Foto: Hjalmar Hyltén-Cavallius.

Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius. Foto: Hjalmar Hyltén-Cavallius.

Research archivist Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius is an associate professor of ethnology and has been a senior lecturer and researcher at Stockholm University and Gothenburg University.

In his research, Hyltén-Cavallius has primarily focused questions regarding music, generation and collective memory. In the dissertation Minnets spelrum (A Margin for Memory, 2006), he studies the formation of pensionerhood in different musical contexts, and Retrologier (Retrologies, 2014) is an investigation into the formation and negotiation of different pasts in networks around rock music from the 1970s.

Hyltén-Cavallius is chairman of the Swedish section of ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music).

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