Mischa van Kan

In 2017 PhD Mischa van Kan defended his doctoral thesis in musicology Swingin’ Swedes: The Transnational Exchange of Swedish Jazz that analyzed the dissemination and reception of Swedish jazz in the US in the period of 1947-1963. Van Kan’s research topics include border crossings in music as well as the interaction between music cultures and media. Specifically, he focuses on how music cultures relate to different media and technologies.

In previous projects, Mischa van Kan has researched the importance of record covers for the rising status of jazz in Sweden and written about transnational contacts between Swedish and German jazz scenes.

Currently, Mischa van Kan is working on the project “Historically informed design of sound synthesis: A multidisciplinary, structured approach to the digitization and exploration of electronic music heritage” at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion).