Research Policy

Musikverket’s research policy covers research that deals with the agency’s mission, focus and funding.

Research Activities

  • In accordance with the government’s goals, Musikverket shall increase knowledge of, and make available the cultural heritages of theatre, dance, and music. This is to be accomplished through documentation and scholarly processing of the collections, as well as through defined research projects.
  • Research is conducted in project form through the agency’s various departments.
  • The agency’s research projects are conducted mainly by means of external funding.
  • The agency has a research council, consisting of a research coordinator, representatives from the departments, as well as external researchers from universities and colleges.
  • The agency’s research projects are discussed in seminars and in the agency’s research council.
  • The agency cooperates with universities, colleges, and other museums and research institutions within and outside of the country.
  • The agency makes the scholarly results available, in various forms, to the research community and to a broad public.
  • The agency follows the Ethics Policy of Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council).

Musikverket’s Research Falls Within Three Main Areas

  • Research with, and development of the agency’s collections.
  • Research within the agency’s areas of activity.
  • Research about cultural heritage institutions with music, dance, and theatre; their institutional history, and importance for societal development.

Acceptance of Research Projects

  • Proposals for research projects are managed by the agency’s research coordinator, in consultation with the research council.
  • Proposals for research projects are processed by the agency’s research council and approved by decision of the Director General.
  • Research projects shall be conducted and completed under the auspices of Musikverket.

Quality Assurance of the Research Conducted

  • Quality assessment of the projects is done before approval and continually thereafter during the research process.
  • The agency’s research council plans individual projects, develops forms of collaboration with universities, and deals with strategic research issues.
  • Consulting groups and/or experts are appointed before publication of the research results.
  • An editorial group at the agency organizes, develops, and verifies the quality of the agency’s publications.

Musikverket’s research policy was decided on November 6, 2013.

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