Research Policy

The research policy of Statens musikverk (Swedish Performing Arts Agency) concerns the relations between research and the government body’s assignment, focus and funding.

Research activities

  • In accordance with the governmental mandate, Statens musikverk shall develop knowledge of theater, dance and music, and its heritage in Sweden based on research and collaboration. The agency also makes this cultural heritage available to a general public.
  • Research is conducted in the form of individual projects at the agency’s various departments.
  • Research projects conducted at Statens musikverks are principally funded by external means.
  • The agency has an internal scholarly advisory board consisting of the research coordinator and representatives of the different departments.
  • Research projects conducted at the agency will be evaluated at seminars and in the scholarly advisory board.
  • The agency collaborates with universities, academies, other museums and research institutes inside and outside of Sweden.
  • The agency’s scholarly advisory board assesses individual projects, develops forms for collaborations with universities (etc.) and discusses strategies for research.
  • The scientific results of its research activities are made available by the agency in various forms for the research community and a general public.
  • Research conducted at the agency shall consider gender and diversity perspectives. This means that in applicable cases, research results should benefit equality and cultural diversity in Swedish society. The project and the object of research shall be chosen considering their consequences seen from a diversity and gender perspective.
  • Research conducted at the agency must follow the guidelines of conducting ethical research as formulated by the Swedish Research Council.
  • Publications that result from projects conducted at the agency need to clearly state that the research has been conducted at Statens musikverk and its specific department(s).

Research conducted at Statens musikverk can be divided into three categories

  • Research and development concerning the agency’s collections.
  • Research within the field of the agency’s activities.
  • Research concerning heritage institutions within the fields of music, dance and theater; their institutional history and their significance for societal developments.

Admission of research projects

  • The research coordinator of Statens musikverk handles research proposals in consent with the management.
  • The agency’s scholarly advisory board assesses research proposals and suggests them for approval to the Director General, who makes the final decision.
  • Research proposals suggested by external researchers to be executed at Statens musikverk need to connect to the primary research areas of the agency. Statens musikverk will monitor and safeguard the academic quality of the research and its results shall be shared with the agency.
  • Research projects at Statens musikverk shall be carried out and concluded under supervision of the agency.

Quality assessment of research activities

  • Quality assessment of research projects takes place upon approval and thereafter continually throughout the research process.
  • Reference groups and/or subject specialists are appointed before the results are published.
  • The agency’s editorial board manages, develops and monitors the academic quality of the publishing activities at Statens musikverk.
  • The number of women and men in research projects are accounted for in the agency’s annual report, which is published in Swedish.

Musikverket’s research policy was decided on May 27, 2020.