Dan Lundberg

Dan Lundberg. Foto: Eric Hammarström.

Chief Librarian/Head Archivist, Dan Lundberg is Associate Professor in musicology at the Stockholm University and Åbo Akademi University. Lundberg’s main areas of research involve questions about music, identity, cultural heritage an ideology as well as Swedish and European folk music from an ethnomusicological perspective.

In 2001, Dan Lundberg was hired as archive director at Svenskt visarkiv at the then Statens musiksamlingar. Since 2011, the Svenskt visarkiv is a part of Musikverket, and since 2013 a part of Musikverkets arkiv- och biblioteksenhet (Archive and Music Library department) with Lundberg in the combined role of Chief Librarian and Archive Director. Since 2020 he is the Director General of Musikverket

From 2004–2007, Lundberg was an adjunct professor in Music and Cultural Diversity at the University of Gävle. He is active within the international ethnomusicological research community and, among other positions, President for ESEM (European Seminar in Ethnomusicology) for the period 2008–2014.


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