About the library

The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden is a public library with extensive collections of musical scores and sheet music available for loan, for a wide range of ensembles and genres, as well as a large stock of literature and magazines regarding music and theatre.

Access to the collections

120,000 books, 378,000 scores, 40,000 play scripts, 200 magazines, as well as a large number of CDs and DVDs. A Library card also provides free access to the entire Naxos collection of CDs and videos.

In the reference library, visitors can get on-site access to materials and can also make copies, for personal use, from books, sheet music, archive materials and magazines, together with online resources, which can only be accessed through the library's computers.

Visitors who require assistance with more advanced information search and retrieval can book an appointment with a librarian.


The library is one of the largest research libraries in the music field with rich collections of older publications (17th century–19th century) and manuscripts, including some of the most important Swedish composers’ original manuscripts.


As of 2010, the Swedish Theatre Museum's library and archives and the Music Library were amalgamated. This formed one of northern Europe's largest libraries specialising in theatre and dance. With over 73,000 volumes in the book collection, reflecting both what has been written for and about the theatre, in its broadest sense, throughout the last 500 years. 

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