Library card

The library card gives access to 50,000 books on music history, 70,000 books on theatre, dance and opera, and nearly 400,000 musical scores and much more.

Obtaining a library card

To obtain a library card, identification is required and the filling out of a loan contract. Persons under 16 require a parental signature. Library cards are available free of charge. 

Foreign nationals may borrow without Swedish identification if they are staying in Sweden for more than three months and show a passport or ID card. Library cards for people without Swedish personal identity are issued for six months at a time.

If a library card is lost, it is important to contact the library to get it cancelled. The cost of a replacement library card is 40 SEK.

Visit this page to apply for a library card. You must visit the library to complete the registration.

Order an extend your loans

When filling out the loan registration a four-digit PIN is chosen. This code and the library card number are used as a log in, to order materials for loan, or to keep track of and extend loan times online.

Access to Naxos

The library card gives access to streaming music from the Naxos Music Library where 75,000 albums and over 1,450 films are available online. Log on to Naxos by entering your library card number in the box.