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The national Swedish libraries for music, theatre and dance, are open to researchers, as well as any other interested parties. One of the largest libraries of its kind in Europe.

The library is located at Tegeluddsvägen 100

Circulation desk, reference library and research rooms.

Opening hours:
Monday 12–17
Tuesday–Wednesday 10–17
Thursday 10–18.30

Tegeluddsvägen 100
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Circulation desk and inter-library loan: 08-519 554 12
Orchestral and Wind music: 08-519 554 40

Welcome to the library

The library at Tegeluddsvägen 100 includes the circulation desk, reference library, magazines, play scripts, CDs and DVDs, together with a kids’ corner, and an open collection with the newest books available for loan. All other materials are in storage, and can be ordered through the library's catalogues. Photocopiers and microfilm readers are also available. You can also find ex-library sheet music and books at bargain prices.

The Library has free wireless Internet available. Computers can be used to search both the library’s and the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research (Svenskt Visarkiv) databases and directories. One terminal is reserved for listening to music and watching movies from the Naxos Music Library, and can also be used for listening to Spotify.

For those visitors who require areas for quiet study, or to examine older, more fragile materials, there is a reading room available. There are eight study areas, each equipped with electrical outlets. There are also four research rooms, which can be booked in advance by contacting the circulation desk.

In addition, there are two music and listening rooms. One is equipped with an electric piano and headphones, which can be collected from the circulation desk. The second listening room belongs to the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research (Svenskt Visarkiv), and can be used to listen to their recordings.

Book a librarian

Visitors who need help with more advanced information search and retrieval can make an appointment with one of the library's music or theatre librarians. About an hour of personalised assistance to search the collections is available. Contact the library to make an appointment, stating the nature of your enquiry.

Study visits

Associations, students, study groups, orchestras, librarians and other interested parties can arrange a guided tour of the library premises at Torsgatan or Gäddviken and special showings of materials which may be of particular interest. Contact the library for reservations.

Reference library

The reference library contains general encyclopaedias of music, theatre and dance. The library also has special dictionaries of fashion, costume and art, as well as dedicated dictionaries of actors, singers and female composers. There are also books on theatre and music history, both generally and for individual countries. Lists are available of individual composers works or plays, as well as lists of scores for different instruments and discographies.

There is a large collection of musical scores, including the complete works of several composers. There are also examples of music from different time periods and genres from individual countries. Musical notation is supplied in facsimile - reissues of exact replicas of older printed music, or composer’s autograph editions. A selection of the most requested songbooks, such as ‘Vispop’ or the Real Book series is available, together with chorale and hymn books from different periods and countries.

Most of the library’s, and the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research’s collection of 250 magazines and journals are placed in the reference library. All of the current year's numbers are on the shelves. You can order older issues, or any of the library's journals, from here: music magazines and theatre magazines. Please note that the library has fixed times for collection.

Material from the reference library cannot be borrowed, however it is possible to make copies for private use, subject to a copying fee.

The library subscribes to several databases, which specialise in music. They are available through the library’s computers.