Unique photographs from various times and places – from traditional musicians of the late nineteenth century, via popular singers, to jazz musicians of the 1920’s an d up to today. This collection consists in part of the life works of individual photographers but also of photos from various donations.

Over 12 000 jazz photographs

The greater part of this collection belongs to the series Jazz Photos – around 12 700 photos. In addition there are two substantial collections, now being digitalised, from the photographers Christer Landergren (1941–2006) and Paul G. Deker (1943–2011).

Both of these photographers, whose photographs are artistically world-class, documented most of what happened on Sweden’s jazz scene during around 50 years. Deker, born in Germany, had also documented Germany’s jazz scene before moving to Sweden around 1970. Another important jazz photographer was Ove Alström (1927–1988) whose photos from the 1960’s are in many ways unique.

Photos from many other photographers are also found in the series Jazz Photos, portraying not only jazz musicians but also, for example, early popular singers.

More Gems in this Collection

A large collection of photos comes from Git Magnusson (1938–2002), who ran Mosebacke Etablissement in Stockholm. This collection features photos of many of Sweden’s best-known folk singers and troubadours. 

The series Spelmansbilder consists of around 800 photos of tradition bearers. Most of these photos were taken before World War Two and feature musicians and singers – either in a photographer’s studio or where they lived and worked in Sweden’s countryside.

Photo Rights

Svenskt visarkiv follows the recommendations and tariffs of The Swedish Picture Suppliers Associastion (Bildleverantörernas Förening) when selling photos from this collection. An agreement must also be reached between the user and the owner of the photo rights. Contact Svenskt visarkiv for more information.