Adolf Fredriks Flickkör: Cantemus_2

Cantemus 2 - An International Choral Collection

Adolf Fredrik Girls Choir

This Album by the Adolf Fredriks Girls Choir, one of the foremost children's choirs in the world today, features...

Idel Riedel

Idel Riedel

Georg Riedel

In the autumn of 2001, Georg Riedel collaborated with Sundsvalls Kammarorkester (Sundvall’s Chamber Orchestra)....

Låt & Leklaget Kom Å Låt

Kom Å Låt (Let’s make sounds)

Låt & Leklaget

”The Sound and Game Team” is a group of musicians that makes music for children with an international...

Lilla ungen min

Lilla ungen min

Various Artists

The music on this CD for childern is composed by Swedish Jazz musician, bass player and composer Georg Riedel....

Nu Sjunger Näktergalen

Now, the Nightingale Sings

Various Artists

In the spring of 1987 Georg Riedel and Barbro Lindgren published a songbook together, Nu sjunger näktergalen!...



Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble and others

Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble Voice Boys, Lena Willemark and Olle Persson play music for children. Elise...


Snälla Py...(Dear Py)

Various Artists

This is the music for the Swedish Radio Channel 3’s Advent Calendar for children in 2000. Texts, music and...

Till alla barn

To All Children

Jojje Wadenius, Lasse Åberg, Janne Schaffer, Ted Gärdestad and others

The CD for children,” To all children” is a unique product and a unique happening. This collaboration between...

Till Amanda

Till Amanda

Georg Riedel, Svante Thuresson, Eva Dahlgren and others

The music on this CD is by Georg Riedel and the texts and poetry are written by children. Participating...



Marie Bergman, Olle Persson, Kjell Westling and Others

This CD contains the oriental poems written by Lennart Hellsing, with musical settings by Stefan Forssén....



Jojje Wadenius

30 years after the cult-declared CD Godda’ Godda’  in 1999, Zzoppa, an other CD for children, was released,...


In 1978, Caprice Records released its first childens' album, Olikalikadant (“Unlike-Alike”) on LP. For a long...

Låt & Leklaget: Afrikaresan

Bert Kolker, Cloffe Widén, Claes Wang, Kaj Magnusson

Följ med Låt & Leklaget till Afrika! Ta plats på den magiska bussen! I Afrika kan vi pröva Nilenpilen och...

Nallens Favoriter

Nicholas Olsson, Christer Lyssarides, Peter Sjövall, Thomas Sundström, Mats Gunnarsson, Titti Hilton, Nina Ödlund

Vem hade inte en egen nalle, som var ens allra käresta vän! Som med åren blev allt mer luggsliten, men ack så...

The Fresk Quartet - The Complete Caprice Recordings

The Fresk Quartet, Elisabet Hermodsson, Torbjörn Lillieqvist

Caprice Records releases a 50 track digital compilation of the catalogue’s collected recordings by and with the...