Graduate Researchers

Graduate researchers associated with Musikverket.

Karin Eriksson

Karin Eriksson is a PhD student in the Department of Musicology, Uppsala University, and was associated with the research project, Mixa eller maxa (“Pluralize or Polarize”) at Svenskt visarkiv. Her dissertation examines the Zornmärket (a folk music competition) and its ideological importance for traditional music in Sweden during the years 1970–2015.

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Daniel Fredriksson

Daniel Fredriksson is a PhD student in the Department of Musicology at Umeå University and is working on his dissertation project “Regionalization of Music: The Interlinking of Administrative and Cultural Boundaries” (“Regionalisering av musik – sammanlänkandet av administrativa och kulturella gränser”). The study reviews the recent years of cultural-political changes, from centrally organized cultural support, to a cultural policy that emphasizes the roles of regional and county governments. The project is a collaboration between Statens musikverk and Umeå University within the framework of Umeå University’s business research school

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Madeleine Modin

Madeleine Modin is a PhD student in the Department of Musicology and Performance Studies, at Stockholm University and was associated with Svenskt visarkiv’s research project, Mixa eller maxa (“Pluralize or Polarize”). Modin’s dissertation examines the musical instrument collection of the Scenkonstmuseet (Swedish Museum of Performing Arts) and the goals and ideologies that motivated the collection’s origins and use.