FAQ – Applying for Project Funding

Read the most common questions and answers about applying for project funding from Musikverket.

Organizations/actors within the independent music scene, institutions and agencys can apply for funding for collaboration projects. The owner of the project must have a Swedish organization number and a Swedish giro for payment.

A collaborative partner could be an institution, promoter or live music scene. The partner must contribute to the project economically and/or with working hours.  A collaborative partner that is mentioned in your application will get a confirmation e-mail when the application is finalized.

One million SEK is the limit for applying for funding from Musikverket. For granted funds over 300 000 SEK, a report from a certified accountant is needed when you send in the documentation.

You project should be finished with full documentation sent to Musikverket within one year from the day you receive the granted funding.

Yes, but you cannot apply for costs that you’ve already paid for and the project cannot be finished before the decision regarding project funding is published.

There are no restrictions for the number of applications from one organization. Remember that the applications faces strong competition and that the applications will be competing against each other during each application round.

Sound audio examples are mandatory. If the musicians that are included in your project have not previously worked together, please try to include individual audio examples from one or several of the musicians in the application.

Musikverket’s Artistic Council decides which projects receive project funding and are also advisory in strategic questions regarding the funding. The council consists of eight members (of which one is vacant at the moment) and one president with comprehensive expertise and long experience within the music scene. All members are appointed by the Swedish government. Read more about each council member under their names below (in Swedish).

Magnus Gustafsson (president)
Ingmari Pagenkemper
Juan Romero
Almaz Yebio
Elena Wolay
Mattias Lundberg
Nicholas Ringskog Ferrada-Noli
Patrik Örnkloo
Tebogo Monnakgotla

The distribution of funding for each application period is sent out by e-mail to all applicants and is also published on Musikverket’s website approximately three months after the application round is closed.

A part of Musikverket’s aim is to spread knowledge and experiences from the projects in order to contribute to development in the independent music scene. The documentations is an important part of that and material from some projects will be published on the website. Your documentation is also important in order for Musikverket to evaluate and follow up on the project funding.

Find everything you need to know about your documentation here (in Swedish)

For questions about the funding, contact Musikplattformen who handles project funding: 08-519 56 702

There are several other places from whom you can apply for grants and project funding.
Find more fund providors here (in Swedish).