Projects receiving financial support from Musikverket must be documented. Here you will find everything you need to know about the documentation of your project.

Documentation of your project

It is part of Musikplattformen’s objectives to spread knowledge and experience from projects that contribute to the development of the independent music scene. Documentation forms an important part of this work, and materials from some projects are therefore published on the website. This documentation is also important for Musikplattformen’s project evaluation and follow-up activities.

It is not the number of pages that counts, it is the content. The main objective is that the documentation contains that which is specified in the instructions and reflects the project’s content.

Documentation should be sent via email to:

Film and audio files are to be delivered in formats that can be archived.
Format for audio: .mp3
Format for movies: .mov or .mp4

Large files can be sent via, for example. Notify clearly if a file needs to be downloaded from another location such as an FTP server or a website.

It is important to take into consideration the budget required for the documentation of the project's aims and content. Earlier there was a ruling that 10 per cent of the support requested should go to documentation, however, today there is no such rule.

Write intelligibly, clearly explaining concepts, keywords and names – everyone should be able to understand the documentation.

  • The documentation must describe the whole process – everyone has not read the application and are therefore unaware of the background and circumstances
  • Identify not only what has gone well, it is equally important to describe things that have not gone according to plan
  • The project has a responsibility to secure permission and publishing rights from all participants in the documentation, particularly for movies, music and images.

The assessment is based on objectives and how well they are met. If the submitted documentation is not complete, Musikplattformen will request completion. Notify if the documentation is for some reason expected to be delayed, or will be completed at a later date. Once the documentation has been approved this will be communicated to the project owner.

Musikverket’s activities are public and controlled by the Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. This basically means that your documentation and any other information you submit to Musikverket is public and open for everyone to view.