Project funding

Musikverket provides financial support for innovative, collaborative projects in the music scene. This support contributes to cross-boundary encounters, artistic renewal and long-term development – nationally and internationally. 

Artistic Development and Co-operation

Musikverket provides financial support for collaborative projects that will develop the independent music scene and create musical experiences of superior quality for the whole of Sweden. Projects should aim at strengthening artistic development and building relationships nationally and internationally. 

Stakeholders within the independent music scene such as organisations, institutions and authorities may apply for project support.

Music Platform (Musikplattformen) is the unit of Musikverket dealing with the financial support. It provides information, networking opportunities for participants, together with advice and feedback for approved projects.

Guidelines for project funding applications

The Nordic Culture Fund, a collaboration between Sweden and the other Nordic countries, has developed a set of general guidelines for those wishing to seek project funding. These include tips and advice that can assist with the application process.

Link to the Nordic Culture Fund Guidelines

Allocation decisions

Decisions on which projects will receive funding are taken by Musikverket’s artistic board, which also advises on strategic issues relating to support. The board comprises eight members with extensive musical expertise and experience in the music scene.

Members of the board:

Lennart Strömbäck
Savannah Agger
Ayesha Quraishi
Juan Romero
Ingmari Pagenkemper
Per Sinding Larsen
Marit Strindlund