Stefan Bohman

Stefan Bohman

During the years 2000 to 2008 Stefan Bohman was director of Musikmuseet in Stockholm (now Scenkonstmuseet). He is now part of the research project Utanförskapets röster (Voices from the Outside). 

From 1994 to 2000 Stefan Bohman was head of various departments at the Nordiska museet (the Nordic Museum), including the archive, library and collections sections. During the years 2000 to 2008 he was director of Musikmuseet in Stockholm (now Scenkonstmuseet), and from 2008 until 2014 he was the head of Strindbergsmuseet (a museum honouring the work and life of August Strindberg). In 1985, Stefan Bohman received his PhD in ethnology at Stockholm University writing a dissertation titled, "Arbetarrörelsens musik" (Music of the labour movement). He was named Associate Professor at Umeå University in 2001.


"Befrielsens ord. Svenska arbetarvisor i kampen för politisk och ekonomisk demokrati 1866-1918" (Words of liberation: Swedish labour songs in the struggle for political and economic democracy 1866-1918). Stockholm 1978.

"Arbetarkultur och kultiverade arbetare. En studie i arbetarrörelsens musik" (Working class culture and cultivated workers: a study of music within the labour movement). (Diss) Stockholm 1985.

"Mästarnas musik. För dig som inte vet vad du skall lyssna på" (The masters' music: for you who do not know what to listen to). Stockholm 1996.

"Historia museer och nationalism" (History, museums and nationalism). Stockholm 1997.

"Musiken i politiken. Konstmusik som kulturarv" (Music in politics: art music as cultural heritage). Stockholm 2003.

"Att sätta ansikte på samhällen. Om kanon och personmuseer" (Giving a face to communities: on canon and museums about individuals). Stockholm 2010.