ISPA Swedish Fellowship Programme

ISPA Swedish Fellowship Programme is a leadership training for producers in the performing arts, funded by Musikverket and the Swedish Performing Arts Association. The initiative is part of Musikverket's efforts to promote the internationalisation of the independent music scene in Sweden.

Programmes for increased international exchange

ISPA - the International Society for the Performing Arts - is an international network, which brings together over 400 members from over 50 countries, with the objective of promoting global exchange and development in the performing arts. A component of this work is the organization of the ISPA leadership programme for professionals in the performing arts.

The ISPA Swedish Fellowship Programme, funded by Musikverket and the Swedish Performing Arts Association, aims to provide improved knowledge and tools for long-term international partnerships, both within and outside Sweden. Four Swedish performing arts producers will, during 2015–2017, have the opportunity to attend the ISPA congresses, participate in training related to these events, as well as networking with 50 producers and project managers from eleven other countries.

Other funding organisations that finance the regional ISPA Fellowship Programme are, for example, Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional and the Arts Council Australia.

Musikverket participants