Swedish Tongues, an Anthology of choirs vol. 9

Swedish Tongues

An Anthology of Swedish Choirs

In the series Collectors Classics reflecting historical recordings the 9th volume Swedish Tounges presents the...

Blomdahl dirigerar Blomdahl vol. 10

Blomdahl conducts Blomdahl

Karl-Birger Blomdahl

The composer Karl-Birger Blomdahl (1916–68) actually wanted to become a conductor. The musicologist Carl-Gunnar...

OD Antiqua vol. 11

OD Antiqua

Orphei Drängar

The CD anthology Collectors Classics attempts, with the aid of the oldest preserved recordings, to systematically...

Svenska Tangenter vol. 12

Svenska Tangenter/Swedish Keyboards

Swedish Pianists before 1950

For the first time a panorama is presented of 63 Swedish and in Sweden active pianists who made their debut...

Barkel vol. 13

Charles Barkel

Violin Genius & Dandelion Child

It belongs to the privileges of former generations to have heard Barkel perform live, or to be able to call...

Under Tonsättarens Taktpinne: Svenska tonsättare dirigerar egna verk – FST 100 år

Kurt Atterberg, Lars-Erik Larsson, Ingvar Lidholm

The 15th volume in Carl-Gunnar-Åhlén’s and Caprice Records’ Collector’s Classics series is released in...

Musikfynd i P.B:s lönnlåda

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger

When Wilhelm Peterson-Berger's secret box was opened in connection with his 150th birthday in 2017, both unknown...

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The Heritage of Wilhelm Stenhammar

Tor Mann, Sixten Eckerberg

The great Swedish composer Wilhelm Stenhammar can be heard as an accompanist on recordings with John Forsell, and...

Operans motiga väg till Storan - Göteborgs Lyriska Teater 100 år

Blandade artister

Under Göteborgsoperans gångna kvartssekel har operagenren nästan kommit att anses som omistlig för...