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Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

A hub for dance, music and theatre where innovation meets cultural heritage. A museum of the human creativity. Opens in 2016.

The museum is closed for renovation
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An elegant enigma

Sometimes we just have to admit it: we don’t have all the answers. Certain objects though, shrug off their anonymity and grab our attention anyway, it is even possible that their mysteriousness enhances their fascination. Take this stunning ivory and gold cornett. We think it was made in Germany, possibly as early as during the […]

Tuba (5 av 5)

A tuba is born

The tuba was invented to fill an open niche: a bass wind instrument was needed that could balance with the other higher pitched and powerful instruments of a wind band such as the trumpet. Producing a truly powerful tone in the low register demands either a lot of energy or clever design to maximize resonance. […]


The Ammoniaphone

“The most beneficent discovery the world has ever known.” Lying on a shelf in one of The Swedish Museum of Performing Art’s store rooms is a remarkable object. At a glance you could perhaps confuse it for a bicycle pump, or an odd looking flute, and would probably then walk on not giving it another […]